Political Action Report

Our Political Education Committee has been busy meeting with a lot of Utah’s candidates this year. They have endorsed Senators and Congressmen that will support Union Labor, our apprenticeship program, and protect our State Licenses. Here is a list of all the Candidates and the District they are running for in the comments. Make sure you get registered to vote, and get to the polls!!

US House District 4: Ben McAdams
US House District 2: Shireen Ghorbani
House District 8: Deana Froerer
House District 9: Kathie Darby
House District 22: Sue Duckworth
House District 30: Mike Winder
House District 31: Elizabeth Weight
House District 32: Suzanne Harrison
House District 33: Craig Hall
House District 34: Karen Kwan
House District 39: Jim Dunnigan
House District 43: Diane Lewis
Senate District 4: Jani Iwamoto
Senate District 5: Karen Mayne
Senate District 8: Kathleen Riebe
Senate District 12: Claire Collard
Senate District 17: Mike Keil
Salt Lake County Clerk: Sherrie Swenson
Salt Lake Country Council: Jim Bradley
Proposition 4: Better Boundaries

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