Job Calls available for 8/12/22

Journeyman Fitter

3) Brinderson, SLC Chevron Refinery 4-10’s TWIC & CSTOP required.

3) Shaw, Clearfield Shop 5-8’s+ night shift available. Must pass tack test

1) CCI, Corinne P&G Short call 5-10’s


2) Harder, Corinne P&G 4-10’s starting Mid-September

Journeyman Welder

2) Brinderson, SLC Chevron Refinery 4-10’s they need combo welders TWIC & CSTOP required

4) Pipefab, Woods Cross Shop 4-10’s+ GTAW, SMAW, & FCAW required $40/day incentive pay must pass gate tests

5) Shaw, Clearfield Shop 5-8’s+ day and night shift available. GTAW & FCAW required must pass gate tests

1) A&B, Provo Timpview high school 4-10’s


2) Shaw, Clearfield Shop swing shift 5-8s+

HVAC Journeyman or high step apprentice


2) FSM                                                                                                                                                                                        

1) West Tech

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